Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Meet Emi : Women Of Motorsports, Model/Spokesman and GearHeadette

Emi Harmony is carrying on with tradition as set by earlier members of the Women of Motorsports modeling team. 

Emi is from Hungary and has busied herself enjoying American life. When not working hard in her skin care studio, she pursues other avocations such as car modeling. 

Emi attended her first Monster Jam show. She said there is nothing like this in Hungary

Portland Roadster Show was a new adventure for Emi. She has not seen all of these colorful cars

Emi's portfolio of pics is being added to the Facebook Page in the Women of Motorsports Album

As you can see here, Emi is not an Asian car model or a Rockabilly model. Emi is relocating to SoCal. Any there who may find themselves in need of a mature model/spokeswoman, her services will be available.

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