Wednesday, November 4, 2015

BaddAzzSEMAcarz and Outlaw Street Racers of 2015

We search for the Baddest Cars and more at the 2015 SEMA Show. You saw it here first  :-)

You will want to click on the YouTube logo inside these vids to expand screen for viewing:

Last but not least, we bring out the Women of SEMA. This is an annual feature of this Vegas event.

2 Outlaw Street Racers making news in 2016. Plenty more to come

Be wary - be very wary ... Farm Truck is comin' ta git ya!

CornBread: The first Outlaw Street Racer casualty of 2016

Trick '69 Mach 1 Great 8 Detroit Contender in 2015

Tantrum Charger Sports a 1650 hp Marine Engine!

ROLLINAJ is one Rockin' Henry J

Rampage Camaro will Rock You

The Flying Dutchman burns old rubber in celebration of new rubber to be burned in the new year

A BadAss Pro Street Dart with a 392 Hemi and a load of custom mods

Valyrian Steel will blow your mind .... make you wanna get stoned

Impulse Camaro Will Transform You To Another Time and Place

This Olds Outlaw just may be the fastest of its kind in the Nation

Jammin' Javelin could shake up the 405 Oklahoma Street Outlaws List

Who will be the fastest Pro Mod Outlaw Street Racer in the land?

The "Evil Twin, piloted by Jeff Lutz is one bad mammer jammer. Make no mistake about it!

Big Chief busts out an all carbon fiber ProMod. The "CrowMod" has his Pontiac mill onboard.

Who is the fastest in the world? Sick Seconds Camaro 2.0

Big Chief will unveil the new Crow 2.0 ... Kamikaze Testing. And a Street Death in Portland

Rat Rods go off the hook at the SEMA2015 SEMA Ignited Friday Night Hot Rod Party

Our first installment of the wild and crazy SEMA Ignited after party in Las Vegas

OK, this screenshot from 1320Video refers to the below vid. This retired Detroit PMD Auto Engineer had some interesting things to say about the Detroit Auto Wars and Pontiac back in the day.

Talkin' 'bout Pure Pontiac here. What's Street Outlaw, Big Chief gonna do now that he has totaled the Crow? Chuck speaks of racing in the day. And we see a clip of outlaw hooners in Portland Oregon.

Street Outlaw Kamikaze gives us the lowdown on his latest mod. More on the crash #SEMA

#SEMA2015 Farm Truck Talkin' Trash - Big Chief & Chucky crash!

SEMA #3 The conclusion of general event coverage

The one and only Bodacious, Big Bad Red 250 mph Camaro #SEMA

Its a Rat Rod Ruckus and Truckin' too at #SEMA

Ford blings out their 2016 Concepts #SEMA

Big Red Camaro - the 2015 version #SEMA

A Few Bad ass rides from  #SEMA2015

Camaro T- Rex. one bad ass '69 at #SEMA2015

Crosby Camaro is another Bad Ass ride at #SEMA2015

Bad ass Premiere Dodge diesel makes massive boost at #SEMA2015

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