Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Street Magic Toy Run 1980 Found Footage

Oldest video of Street Magic of Portland. We partner with the 82nd. Avenue Business Association on this toy drive in SE Portland. We worked closely with them for quite a while on cruising issues on 82nd. Ave - the last bastion of cruising in Portland, OR. back then. We were standing up for the highest ideals of street machining as this ragtag group of mini truckers calling themselves the Side Street Parkers continued to trash our efforts.

We formed the 82nd. Ave Cruising Coalition. Many meetings were held and we attempted to move the cruise around to different streets but nothing worked. Cruising lasted a few more years and we would host Car Craft Magazine for a couple of articles before it was all over.

So this is for you Street Magic OGs who are still around. Yes we've been around a while. To put things in perspective - most of the kids here would be over 40 by now! There remains many narrow minded members of the public who would drag us down for being street machiners. This is our 35th. Anniversary and proof of our commitment to the community from then on.

The contributions from this club and others in this area are incalculable. The amount now exceeds $10,000. that Street Magic has contributed to the Oregon Humane Society in the last few recent years with proceeds from car Cruise-Ins we produce. Street Magic is one of the clubs in the NW Motorsports Association who produce the huge Rockin Around the Block Cruise in Gresham every Summer. This event raises funds for automotive scholarships at Mt. Hood College. The amount has probably exceeded $100,000 by now. .... Yes, cruising is still alive.

I recognize many faces and cars in this vid and the Car Craft Pages that follow and think I remember most of the names. Some are still here and others have moved on long ago. Wouldn't it be funny if they found these young versions of themselves here on YouTube after all of these years? Who knows what became of the kids, undoubtedly some of them are still around Portland.

This authors '68 Firebird is visible with the PRO ET on the windshield. That car is still around much the same as it was then, living out in Scappoose somewhere. I see some other cars in the article that are still around here, too.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hooning 101: The Documentary ... Its the GearHeads vs the Hoonigans

OK Gearheads - lets get it on. Lets take it to the Californians
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Monday, September 22, 2014

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