Thursday, July 16, 2015

#BaddAzzPortlandCarz Badd Azz Hot Rods of 2015 in Portland Oregon

We like Bad Azz Hotrods and here is the place to find the ones we feature when we are out and about in Portland

Cruising Season 2015 comes to an end in Portland

Badd Azz Blown Vette Runs 9s

This outrageous El Camino moves to the top of the list

Oh Lord, oh mercy. What will we see next?  ;-)

Flying Dutchman finally gets back out to the track

This Z-06 out of Milwaukie is simply Badd Azz, 'nuff said

Voyager 99 Is a Land driven Locomotive. These Vets have an unusual story to tell and that is why they make the list

A Badd Azz Cobra that is a 20+ yrs labor of love by a GM engineer

Vancouver Nova makes the #BaddAzzPortlandCarz list

Cameraman wanders about the track featuring badd azz cars he finds and a couple of dudes come along and proceed to tell stories from back in the day about the cameraman himself!

This Shelby Super Snake will Bite You!

This is one Fine Feathered Falcon Sprint

The Fast Nova Hits the Track and its Badd Azz

#GearHeadsWorld  #BaddAzzPortlandCarz

This #Camaro made the list because of a car girl - yes we are sexist ;-)

Check this '66 Pro Street. It is Built Badd Azz

This Pro Street '56 Chev PU is BB Badd Blown Badd Azz

This Ford GT has 10 yrs on it and all of 5K miles!

Thus is a Carbon Anodized Viper - One of only 50

  1. Mighty Mopar is fasst and super clean and badd azz

'70 Nova packs a double punch with a dual quad

One more blown, badd azz Camaro hits the streets

This Pro Dragster Gets it on in the Sand!

'62 Belair Bubbletop Pro Street. Rare and lookin' Badd Azz

'56 Chev Belair with a Blower and For Sale

A '66 Nova Pro Street with unique design, engineering and comfort

One Badd Azz Blown and Big Looking Buick Riviera

Meet the Purple Reign, Pro Street Stude spotted at the Wooden Chicken Cruise in Portland, Oregon.

Bad Brad's Blown Big Block Camaro - It's one green machine and Pro Street all the way

One badd azz, blown injected Pro Street Chevelle goes up on the market

Interesting & Unique Pro-Touring Camaro contending in Optima Ultimate Street Car

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