Coming 2014 :-) photo 1525052_10201079254093112_1026392356_n.jpgSome of Scott's trophies thru the years. More coming ;-) photo 1560400_10201079254893132_925330244_n.jpgWhat year is this ride? photo 175975_3876271554873_210558625_o.jpg
Clicking on these thumbnails will take you to hundreds of more pics from Facebook albums currently stored on PhotoBucket.

This page serves as our archive of cool pics of racin', roddin' and cool cruisin from all up and down the West Coast of the good ole U S of A

Here are some shots of Chuck's old rides he built down through the years. Click on the pics.
OK Grace. this is Wild Thing. photo 10167926_10201634173125741_8770966751044569771_n.jpg Talk About Evil: And I do that quite often. This was the most evil handling, fastest and scariest ride I ever owned. '32 Bantam Altered. A story goes with this one as well. photo 1471256_10200861672933719_1954167494_n.jpg Alrighty then I am in a bit of an "Avenging" mood tonight so I have uploaded some pics of the Avenger to my Street Racing Blog. Click Below: This is the 30th. anniversary of the completion of the car. It was a State of the Art Pro Streeter photo 1404596_10200861805057022_420269372_o.jpg

These pics have been living over at Barry Meguiar's CAR CRAZY site, just click on "View All" (Oh, and the kicker is - you need to be signed in): CLICK

Racin' Around ... CLICK on the Pics:
C'mon Boyz ... lets get it on. I am waiting. photo 10497146_10202087744224735_3202881683857349460_o.jpg PIR Final Race '09 photo 1917811_1137010035047_2642233_n.jpg My Ride photo 1935554_1080087332015_5844174_n.jpg
Cruisin' Around ... CLICK on the Pics:
Humongous meats. photo 10462903_10202045481608196_2650804080794290449_n.jpg She's a Hemi photo 10465464_10202090022801698_993905808282272156_o.jpg Humongous meats. photo 10462903_10202045481608196_2650804080794290449_n.jpg
Bitchin' Rides ... CLICK on the Pics:
Snakebit photo 10401388_10202045451047432_4318275067124543588_n.jpg One Thousand horsepower photo 10406578_10202045454287513_593940527670115473_n.jpg Brad's bad ride ... yep, double trouble! photo 10556842_10202562750299590_7889345474018967023_o.jpg
Here are 101 pics of all kinds of racing and action in and around the good ole Portland Speedway during the final years of her existence. Click on the pics to view them all in Photobucket or ... (Or to view in Facebook - you need to be signed in): CLICK
More Obrist coverage. They get more cuz of all the wins. photo 614755_10200843950130660_1620268615_o.jpg This is a Riehl racecar photo 614755_10200843950250663_1695986639_o.jpg #40 decorates Jody's. Rick Suran was the driver of #40 and Jody Tanner drove #36 Late Model and NW Tour cars photo 1400239_10200642532175337_1384588966_o.jpg

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