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12/18/2017 Pro Stock Icon, Bob Glidden Leaves us in a Trail of Smoke


Pro Stock Icon, Bob Glidden Leaves us in a Trail of Smoke

Bob Glidden started as a dealership line mechanic and proceeded to rise to fame and fortune in the highly competitive NHRA Pro Stock ranks. He started it all in a lowly Ford Pinto of all things. We were reluctant to report on this earlier due to inaccurate reports of his demise. However it is now official.

During his initial rise, this writer was a Navy sailor aboard the USS Chicago on WESTPAC, Subic Bay, Philippine Islands (does anybody remember  Alongapo City). I was reading of his exploits in the pages of Car Craft and National Dragster, as he took charge of Pro Stock, winning back-to-back championships in 1974 and 1975. This guy literally wrenched his way to fame and  stardom with hands on mechanical expertise.

Him and his wife, Etta then went on a winning streak in Pro Stock that is unparalleled. They made numerous appearances during the Heyday of big time, professional drag racing at Portland International Raceway.

They had two sons who went on to make their marks in NHRA drag racing as well. I believe it was Billy Glidden who was banned from NHRA for life for using nitrous in Pro Stock.

Billy and Rusty went on to make their marks in Outlaw door car racing with a Mustang. Bob Sr became heavily involved with that as well. The Glidden name continues to storm on in those ranks.

We are not quite sure what it was but as in life and in death - it took him quick. Bob Glidden was 73.

The Ford Pintos came to be in the early 70s along with their cousins, the Chevy Vega (and other GM iterations). These cars were already in place during the first Arab Embargo of '73 as this gas monkey was pumping gas like a maniac down at the Ross Isl. Exxon. Who remembers the endless gas lines, the odd/even plate number sales days and the "Out Of Gas" signs? Any way, these cheaply built econocars were the Big 3's answer to all the hysteria that led to the decline of the American musclecar during that time. 

Anyway these little babies were built cheap and light. They were transported stacked on one another. Of course these little throwaway cars became great drag racers. You will have a hard time seeing many of them on the streets these days but you will still find plenty of them at dragstrips everywhere. This era ultimately led this writer to hump onboard the Pro Street band wagon with the creation of the "Avenger" Vega pictured elsewhere in this Blog (click the Street Racer tab at the top of this page).
'nuff said


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Oregon Sand Outlaws Grudge Race at Albany, 9 - 2017 #GearHeadsWorld VIDEO

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sand Racing at the Albany & Reedsport Sand Drags

One thing that has been happening up here in GearHeadsWorld is a little sand racing. Fellow GearHead, Steveo was looking for something to do with some extra horsepower hanging around in his shop. Sand Racing was a good option for some Outlaw style racing. The Albany MX facility is a way cool track. They have few rules and there is grudge racing and list racing to be had. Here is the latest vid. Unfortunately, GooTube has somehow, mysteriously shortened the vid from 15 min. to 4 min. We are working on that .... :-(  And of course you can always enlarge these vids to full screen simply by clicking on the "square" in the lower right corner.

August 2017 at Barnyard Toyz Reedsport Dirt Drags

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July 2017 at Albany Motorsports Track

June 2017 at Albany Motorsports Track

Down below in our #BaddAzzRidez List you will find our adventures with Stevo's Blown, Alky Dragster called, Suddenly in 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016

SEMA 2016: The Series - #BaddAzzSemaCarz and #Street Outlaws are all present

Our Coverage of the 2016 SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center

2017 UPDATE: 

Below is the one OKC Street Outlaw vid we have produced this year. We were forced to severely curtail production on these vids after the Great Google Reset that ocurred prior to the SEMA2016 Show. This reset of the YouTube Algorithm all but destroyed the amount of views on our YouTube channel as well as those of thousands of other Content Creators. As Youtube Partners, we depend upon the monetization of our vids to earn revenue which is very difficult - but now - nearly impossible if you do not meet their ever changing parameters. Out of all the SEMA vids below, only two earned enough revenue to barely cover expenses! Nothing at all like the year before. Google gobbled up YouTube and sure enough, it was not long before they ruined it for many of us OGs.

But unfortunately, this is the way of the World these days. The Corporate way is to screw over the common people. Because they know that they and their corrupt political partners can easily run roughshod over all of the Sheople - and we will do NOTHING to stop them  :-(  Sad but true!

The analytics and metrics that determine how many views a given vid - or channel - will receive is far too complicated to explain here. I will just say this - Not every one knows that the amount of views any given vid will get has little to do with popularity or subscribers or anything else. The views are determined by the "All knowing" Google Algorithm and the little brother YouTube Algorithm. We are talking about Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and all of that! But it is constantly tweaked by humans and what they do is top secret. In the end, those of us just trying to work our niche get hit over and over. GooTube is shooting for a younger and younger crowd and they are shooting for bigger and bigger fish. They don't want the older ones who were in it from the beginning. They will just kick us out. Those of us who continue are forced to work for slave wages basically.

Hundreds of thousands of views were stolen from this channel by the Reset. Many viewers around the world will not see the below vids because Google hides them. And this channel lost thousands of dollars of revenue as a result. To me - that is criminal theft.!

UPDATE: Now here is the latest.for 2017: Here it is July 4th. and I posted a 15 min. sand racing vid 2 days ago. All of a sudden it is mysteriously shortened to 4 minutes!  WTF, yeah, have no clue what happened here this time  :-(   We are a ways from the street action down in OKC but there are other ways for us to make noise. Fellow GearHead Steveo has been throwing some heavy horsepower to the sand and we've been making vids of that. Now we have another vid mysteriously wrecked. There is simply no excuse for that.  :-(

UPDATE: We have since found this prob. The fault lies with the YouTube Editor, specifically the "Enhancements" feature. We found this on our own, with no help from the often useless ,YouTube and Google Forums. This wreaks havoc with the analytics resulting in down grading the ranking by the Algorithm and permanently destroys the vid's ability to achieve it's full potential of views and revenue. Essentially, it more or less sends the vid off to purgatory where few enthusiasts who might enjoy viewing it, will ever find it.

Here is our first vid of 2017 uploaded in July. It still gets views here and there.

The annual SEMA Show has got to be the biggest, most prestigious Car Show and Trade Show in the world. We are happy to bring you our coverage of this event and the Steet Outlaws who were there.

Vid #1 with FarmTruck, AZN and much more

Vid #2: The fantastic SEMA Show continues and we have Chief & Shawn in the house talking

Vid #3: Chevrolet unveils the brand new 2017 COPO Camaro and we are there to get the lowdown

Vid #4: None other than Mad Max on the scene. And we have Jeff Lutz give us the lowdown

Vid #5: FarmTruck & AZN are here but even more Joshington the mechanic gives us the lowdown

Vid #6: Kye Kelley is in the house along with Shocker and we take a close look before the hext race

Vid #7: Our most special time as I revisit with the one and only Linda Vaughn after so many years

Vid #8: More great coverage and then its good times with AJ from OverHaulin. What's not to like?

Vid #9: Friday comes and finally it's time for SEMA Ignited. And check out Tracy Rhodes  :-)

Vid # 10: We introduce a brand new Outlaw. Check out the Sorceress, one of a different stripe.
Note: It is now mid 2017 and this vid far and away ended up to be our best vid from SEMA, with well over 100K views. This vid covered all of our SEMA trip expenses We can't say why for sure ... it is just the way the Algorithm worked.

Vid# 11: And so much for the dirty dozen ... Say What? Anyway here is more tech on this Sorceress

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SEMA Battles The EPA - Time For GearHeads To Step Up To The RPM Act

The EPA has gone after the racers who mod late model cars for the track. 

The EPA stepped back under the counter attack from SEMA. That is what the goofy Video is actually about. In a world where common sense prevailed - it would be the GearHeads in charge of the suits. 

The battle continues and all GearHeads are strongly encouraged to click here ...  and sign on to the RPM Act.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

BaddAzzRidez and Outlaw Street Racers of 2016

All of our features of BaddAzz Rides for 2015 live on the Web at #BaddAzzPortlandCarz and #BaddAzzSEMACarz.

This is the page for #BaddAzzRidez of 2016

#BadAzzSEMACarz: OK we are pleased to anounce that the #GearHeads were able to conclude 2016 with a trip to #SEMA2016 and we have added a number of them #BaddAzzRidez to a new page. We featured a lot of carz and starz of this spectacle . Find them here:  

It has now been 50 years since the first Camaro rolled off the assembly line in Detroit

A new season of Oklahoma Street Outlaws is just around the corner for Fall 2016

Its the >Lonestar Resurrection down in Texas and the 405 Street Outlaws are there in force

Local Pportland Camaro would like to run it off with Street Outlaw, Boosted GT. What's the bet?  :-)

Its the North vs South down South and Larry Larson does a number on the field

Hot Rod Drag Week 2016 Comes and Goes And Mad Max does a number on the field

Portland area Camaro lays down numbers in the 10.5 Outlaw Doorslammer wars in the West

Big Chief Runs Indy. Misses the Pontiac World Record And New Street Outlaws Season Comes.

Anarchy At The Arch: Big Chief makes a surprise visit with CrowMod on his way to NHRA!

Its Official. The CrowMod is headed for NHRA. Big Chief makes the Big Go and that Rocks

Outlaw Armageddon Happens and So does Rockin' Around the Block in Gresham. Good Times Had

We Find this Outlaw Nova out at the Beaches Cruise In at PIR. This is good times and a Contender

OUTLAW ARMAGEDDON: It is the Second Coming and we are gearing up for Mayhem!

We Find This Bad Boy Out In Gresham and Wish For Faster Days. These Ladies Are A Hoot  :-)

CASH DAYS 2016 Happens Down in OKC and let the WILD Street Racing Commence  :-)

OUTlaw Z is a #BaddAzzRidez member for sure - and from Portland and Nora adds to the delight :-)

OUTLAW REDEMPTION 5.0 Happens down in Texas & The WOM Girls are introduced

Cruisin' The Gut: We Get Out To Vancouver, USA for their annual bash. Thousands of rides show

#GearHeads Get Back At It In The Sand: Blown, Injected, Alcohol, BB Chev

OG GearHeads takin' it to the sand- cuz it's Rad   :-)

American Outlaws throws a HUGE Race and the big boyz go down there and beat up on each other

Texas is turned on and we find Daddy Dave beating up on Shocker over there

Big Buck Races are happening down South. Doorslammers and Outlaw ProMods are gettin' it

In a World where Cruising is legalized again and Street Racers take charge.

                           This received mention as GearHeadsWorld's Baddest Ride of the show. 
                                                     This vid has blown away the others

                Copper Caddy was built by renowned Dave Kindig for a Portland area collector

Revision is a BaddAzz Ridler winner from the Detroit Auto Show. Turns out, it is a all around hot rod

The Portland Roadster Show kicks off the 2016 Cruising season. We were on the lookout for #BaddAzzRidz

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

BaddAzzSEMAcarz and Outlaw Street Racers of 2015

We search for the Baddest Cars and more at the 2015 SEMA Show. You saw it here first  :-)

You will want to click on the YouTube logo inside these vids to expand screen for viewing:

Last but not least, we bring out the Women of SEMA. This is an annual feature of this Vegas event.

2 Outlaw Street Racers making news in 2016. Plenty more to come

Be wary - be very wary ... Farm Truck is comin' ta git ya!

CornBread: The first Outlaw Street Racer casualty of 2016

Trick '69 Mach 1 Great 8 Detroit Contender in 2015

Tantrum Charger Sports a 1650 hp Marine Engine!

ROLLINAJ is one Rockin' Henry J

Rampage Camaro will Rock You

The Flying Dutchman burns old rubber in celebration of new rubber to be burned in the new year

A BadAss Pro Street Dart with a 392 Hemi and a load of custom mods

Valyrian Steel will blow your mind .... make you wanna get stoned

Impulse Camaro Will Transform You To Another Time and Place

This Olds Outlaw just may be the fastest of its kind in the Nation

Jammin' Javelin could shake up the 405 Oklahoma Street Outlaws List

Who will be the fastest Pro Mod Outlaw Street Racer in the land?

The "Evil Twin, piloted by Jeff Lutz is one bad mammer jammer. Make no mistake about it!

Big Chief busts out an all carbon fiber ProMod. The "CrowMod" has his Pontiac mill onboard.

Who is the fastest in the world? Sick Seconds Camaro 2.0

Big Chief will unveil the new Crow 2.0 ... Kamikaze Testing. And a Street Death in Portland

Rat Rods go off the hook at the SEMA2015 SEMA Ignited Friday Night Hot Rod Party

Our first installment of the wild and crazy SEMA Ignited after party in Las Vegas

OK, this screenshot from 1320Video refers to the below vid. This retired Detroit PMD Auto Engineer had some interesting things to say about the Detroit Auto Wars and Pontiac back in the day.

Talkin' 'bout Pure Pontiac here. What's Street Outlaw, Big Chief gonna do now that he has totaled the Crow? Chuck speaks of racing in the day. And we see a clip of outlaw hooners in Portland Oregon.

Street Outlaw Kamikaze gives us the lowdown on his latest mod. More on the crash #SEMA

#SEMA2015 Farm Truck Talkin' Trash - Big Chief & Chucky crash!

SEMA #3 The conclusion of general event coverage

The one and only Bodacious, Big Bad Red 250 mph Camaro #SEMA

Its a Rat Rod Ruckus and Truckin' too at #SEMA

Ford blings out their 2016 Concepts #SEMA

Big Red Camaro - the 2015 version #SEMA

A Few Bad ass rides from  #SEMA2015

Camaro T- Rex. one bad ass '69 at #SEMA2015

Crosby Camaro is another Bad Ass ride at #SEMA2015

Bad ass Premiere Dodge diesel makes massive boost at #SEMA2015