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There is another kind of show called the SEMA Show. It happens around every Halloween down in Vegas. If you are any kind of a Gearhead and have never been to this - then you are reeeally missing out. It is a trade only show but there are plenty of ways to get into it if you are resourceful. SEMA stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association and believe  me - they want you there. So here is your opportunity to vicariously check out the action:  CLICK

Now, here we have some early vids of some Drifting that took place in and around Portland/Seattle:  CLICK

These vids document the acquisition and subsequent build of Gearhead's '69 Camaro, the Flying Dutchman - the High Seas Hooner. It has been quite an Oddysey:  CLICK

Then it came time to paint the Flying Dutchman yet again ... and it had to be done in the driveway:  CLICK

And then we have a set of vids that outline the inspiration behind the Curse of the Flying Dutchman. See her Cap'n. sail the seven seas while dreaming of returning to the familiar shores of his homeland:  CLICK
And Here:  CLICK

A long time ago, in a faraway place, up in the great NW of the United States - there used to be the Portland Speedway, the longest standing oval track in the country until 2001. Then something happened. This is the vid series of those final days and nights at the old track:  CLICK

Lastly, here you will find Hooning 101: The Documentary ... covers our quest for the meaning of Hooning  CLICK

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