Tuesday, April 19, 2016

BaddAzzRidez and Outlaw Street Racers of 2016

All of our features of BaddAzz Rides for 2015 live on the Web at #BaddAzzPortlandCarz and #BaddAzzSEMACarz.

This is the page for #BaddAzzRidez of 2016

#BadAzzSEMACarz: OK we are pleased to anounce that the #GearHeads were able to conclude 2016 with a trip to #SEMA2016 and we have added a number of them #BaddAzzRidez to a new page. We featured a lot of carz and starz of this spectacle . Find them here:            http://gearheadsworld.blogspot.com/2016/11/sema-2016-series.html

It has now been 50 years since the first Camaro rolled off the assembly line in Detroit

A new season of Oklahoma Street Outlaws is just around the corner for Fall 2016

Its the >Lonestar Resurrection down in Texas and the 405 Street Outlaws are there in force

Local Pportland Camaro would like to run it off with Street Outlaw, Boosted GT. What's the bet?  :-)

Its the North vs South down South and Larry Larson does a number on the field

Hot Rod Drag Week 2016 Comes and Goes And Mad Max does a number on the field

Portland area Camaro lays down numbers in the 10.5 Outlaw Doorslammer wars in the West

Big Chief Runs Indy. Misses the Pontiac World Record And New Street Outlaws Season Comes.

Anarchy At The Arch: Big Chief makes a surprise visit with CrowMod on his way to NHRA!

Its Official. The CrowMod is headed for NHRA. Big Chief makes the Big Go and that Rocks

Outlaw Armageddon Happens and So does Rockin' Around the Block in Gresham. Good Times Had

We Find this Outlaw Nova out at the Beaches Cruise In at PIR. This is good times and a Contender

OUTLAW ARMAGEDDON: It is the Second Coming and we are gearing up for Mayhem!

We Find This Bad Boy Out In Gresham and Wish For Faster Days. These Ladies Are A Hoot  :-)

CASH DAYS 2016 Happens Down in OKC and let the WILD Street Racing Commence  :-)

OUTlaw Z is a #BaddAzzRidez member for sure - and from Portland and Nora adds to the delight :-)

OUTLAW REDEMPTION 5.0 Happens down in Texas & The WOM Girls are introduced

Cruisin' The Gut: We Get Out To Vancouver, USA for their annual bash. Thousands of rides show

#GearHeads Get Back At It In The Sand: Blown, Injected, Alcohol, BB Chev

OG GearHeads takin' it to the sand- cuz it's Rad   :-)

American Outlaws throws a HUGE Race and the big boyz go down there and beat up on each other

Texas is turned on and we find Daddy Dave beating up on Shocker over there

Big Buck Races are happening down South. Doorslammers and Outlaw ProMods are gettin' it

In a World where Cruising is legalized again and Street Racers take charge.

                           This received mention as GearHeadsWorld's Baddest Ride of the show. 
                                                     This vid has blown away the others

                Copper Caddy was built by renowned Dave Kindig for a Portland area collector

Revision is a BaddAzz Ridler winner from the Detroit Auto Show. Turns out, it is a all around hot rod

The Portland Roadster Show kicks off the 2016 Cruising season. We were on the lookout for #BaddAzzRidz

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