Monday, March 30, 2015

Women of Motorsports Modeling Team

Welcome to the Women of Motorsports

Before the Asian car models working with the Hooners and Drifters ... before the Tatooed, Flapper Girl, Rockabilly models ... there were the WOM Girls.
The Women of Motorsports worked the I-5Corridor out of Portland Oregon. Those were heady times. You could still see hot rods and musclecars cruising the towns quite regularly. Many of the car owners and event promoters were happy to see us show up on the scene. The girls did whatever was needed around the races, shows, cruise ins and conventions. Current day car models could learn a lot from studying the WOM Girls' many poses. But first they will need to see them. These pics come from the 35 mm era. They must be digitized and edited individually. In time, more and more pics will be released. Click on my Facebook link over to the right and open the Women of Motorsports Album to see more pics.

Say hi to them. They would like to meet you

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