Friday, January 27, 2023

#RoddinandRacinNW Magazine Dec. 2022 Final Article

Sadly, this final article for my monthly column in #RoddinandRacinNW Magazine never made it to print. Ed (our editor) fell from a heart attack while delivering issues. RIP Ed Gilbert.

Well, So Much For 2022 - What's Next?

This year, the press deadline happened to fall on Veterans Day. So, to the rest of the vets out there, we hope you had a good day in the midst of pandemics and wars and rumors of wars. I will be visiting one of the restaurants that offer a complimentary meal on this day. This has become a kind of vigil of mine over the past years. I will sit down and think about all manner of things concerning the state of affairs in our world. I don't think it will take too much effort this time around as I'm quite sure that our world, as we have ever known it, has already gone to hell.

On a higher note, we are happy to announce the 75th anniversary of Hot Rod Magazine . They released the special edition of their printed magazine just before press time at the SEMA Show. It was good to see that the show could happen again down in Las Vegas after all of this incredibly, destructive, insane, pandemic nonsense. For those of you GearHeads who have never had the chance to experience the SEMA show, you need to try to. We were not able to, this time around. It is billed as an industry only trade show. But you should find a way if you can. It is an absolute Motorsports Disneyland that simply cannot be fully described in words. There was one build introduced at SEMA that caught my eye. I should preface this by saying this - I have never failed to be puzzled by the number of introverted nerds that have such a hard time with the inclusion of the females into their car sport.

Anyway, here is why I like this build. This is a combination of a 1961 Volvo PV544 with a 2019 Volvo S60 Recharge plug-in hybrid. A little bit different to say the least. But what was quite a bit different was the fact that there was some 160 women who had a hand in this build. If this piques your curiosity you can satisfy it by going over to This was the result of the Girl Gang Garage's, Iron Maven Project. ASE-certified mechanic and certified badass Sarah "Bogi" Lateiner supervised the build. She heads up the All Girls Garage TV show. And yes, I found this to be badass.

We have received further intel from the SRC (Space Racing Council). Regular readers will recall that, the SRC was formed on the heels of the "Disclosure" as announced by the US Government. This is an effort devoted to inviting the ETs to some friendly motorsports competition in and around planet Earth. Earlier efforts on this mission can be found in the Archives over at this paper's website. Seeing as how fast they are and all, the feeling was something like - why not an invitation to a little friendly competition, as opposed to whatever other - ahem, possibilities might transpire! Anywho, response from the ETs have been - shall we say, somewhat cryptic. The SRC is not quite sure just how much interest the ETs may have in such a proposal. On the other hand, we have recent news reports of UAPs being sighted running around in circles in the sky. Some were comparing this sighting to a "racetrack". So who knows, maybe they might have a little something of their own going on up there? Oh, and may as well say it now, happy holidays to you all and best of luck in the coming times.

nuff said, Chuck Fasst #GearHeadsWorld

Thursday, October 20, 2022

When the #Raven Comes .........................SHARE Video

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#BigFootIntel : Inside #BeachFoot2022 with #ToddNeiss BigFoot Video

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Forks Sasquatch Days 2022 with #ToddNeiss & Olympic Project #BigFootInte...

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Roddin&Racin NW Magazine August 2020 Issue

 Roddin&Racin NW is a print publication covering Oregon and Washington primarily. As of late, circulation and distribution becomes increasingly challenging, We are living in a new era. The Cervesa Virus has been taking it's toll worldwide! Times have been hard for the magazine as well, not to mention it's advertisers as small businesses struggle to remain alive. The publisher continues to soldier on, however. We all hope for some modicum of a turnaround before too many more businesses are lost. 

We invite you to peruse the latest issue online HERE

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Cheetah eBike Review : On Road Off Road Bruiser! #ReviBikes VIDEO

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Meet Emi : Women Of Motorsports, Model/Spokesman and GearHeadette

Emi Harmony is carrying on with tradition as set by earlier members of the Women of Motorsports modeling team. 

Emi is from Hungary and has busied herself enjoying American life. When not working hard in her skin care studio, she pursues other avocations such as car modeling. 

Emi attended her first Monster Jam show. She said there is nothing like this in Hungary

Portland Roadster Show was a new adventure for Emi. She has not seen all of these colorful cars

Emi's portfolio of pics is being added to the Facebook Page in the Women of Motorsports Album

As you can see here, Emi is not an Asian car model or a Rockabilly model. Emi is relocating to SoCal. Any there who may find themselves in need of a mature model/spokeswoman, her services will be available.